We are an Apostolic Center raising up people to know who they are in the Kingdom of God.



Our mission is to raise up people to know who they are in the Kingdom and to take on their assignment.


We are a training center: We are raising up a prophetic company of people who are not afraid to hear the Word of God and speak it over their lives, families, region, school, government etc. God wants to do marvelous things but He needs His people to come in agreement with Him.

Our motto is : Believe, Belong, Become

Believe: in who God is

Belong: to what God is doing

Become: who God has called you to be


We believe that God has called the church to take it's place in their spheres of authority and territory, exercising fully in the seven spheres of influence (religion, family, education, government, media, arts and entertainment, and business). We believe that the church needs to align with God's kingdom principles to raise up disciples to change their local communities and regions. We also believe it’s a time when God is shifting the local church through the prophetic to transform the church from the old wine-skin  to the new wine-skin. We believe that shifting requires the five-fold ministry. An apostolic center is a governing structure that adopts new leadership practices in all five-fold ministry branches.


The apostolic center provides the atmosphere and kingdom culture where each person is able to become who God says they will be in any capacity. Each person is encouraged and trained to exercise their gifting in all five-fold branches. Each individual is without exception in reaching their full potential to become people who will take their rightful place of authority in society (religion, government, arts and entertainment, media, business, family, education). An apostolic center equips people to fulfill their destiny and purpose as a believer becoming a disciple, and ultimately becoming a leader.


The apostolic center becomes a training camp and a sending base for those who become connected and find their place. The hands on training works synergistically with the prophetic, inclusive of Sunday mornings. The messages are consistently geared toward teaching every single member without exception that they have a divine calling and the capacity to impact the world with supernatural ability. Belonging to an Apostolic center means rejecting passive Christianity and seeing yourself to be releasers of His glory and power.


Along with the Gregorian calendar, we also follow the Hebraic calendar, which contains the original timing that was followed in biblical times. Here, you can learn about the current month and gain an understanding of it's significance in your everyday life.




The month of Elul:

Timeframe: 29 days - September

Elul is the sixth of the twelve months of the Jewish calendar. Elul is called “the month of repentance,” “the month of mercy,” and “the month of forgiveness.” Elul follows the two previous months of Tammuz and Av, the months of the two great sins of Israel, the sin of the golden calf and the sin of the spies.

This is the month that “the King is in the field” (2 Sam. 10:1). All can approach Him, and He shines His countenance upon everyone.

It is the month of Elul that teaches us the necessity of being willing to turn around. The King is in the field, our Creator is there, and no matter how we may feel, He has never had His back turned. All we need to do is turn ourselves around to realize that He is there and waiting for us.

The month that we are now in, Elul, is the key to unlocking the inner and most potent meaning of the heart. As is well known, the Hebrew letters that make the word “Elul,” alephlamedvav and lamed, are an acronym for the phrase (from the biblical Song of Songs) ani l’dodi v’dodi li, which means “I am to my beloved and my beloved is to me.”

This beautiful and romantic phrase is that which represents our relationship with our Creator, which is often paralleled to that of a husband and wife, a bride and groom, in our individual lives.


The year 5779:

It is the year to let the new wine flow and harvest the King’s vineyard.

The word for CLC is that this is our T.I.M.E.!


Speak, declare, obey, align, and come into agreement with what God is doing in this year through this Apostolic Center. 

Pray over this word and cultivate it in your heart. Step into the New Year with faith that is aligned with your works. 

CLC has a very large, very important, and very unique assignment in Queens, and YOU are an integral part of this vision.