Apostolic people are those who have the power to ascend to the gates of influence. You cannot have authority over the strongman unless you go into their territory. Your tongue is the gateway to the Kingdom of Heaven.
— Apostle Ted Mahabir

The Bible is a book of principals, not laws. If we see the Bible as a book of laws, we will judge others and excuse ourselves. But, if we see the Bible as a book of principles, we will make ourselves accountable.
— Prophetess Shami Mahabir

It is the Hebraic year 5778!






The Hebraic month of ELUL!


Elul - The Month of Gad (August-September)

Elul is the sixth of the twelve months of the Jewish calendar. Elul is called “the month of repentance,” “the month of mercy,” and “the month of forgiveness.” Elul follows the two previous months of Tammuz and Av, the months of the two great sins of Israel, the sin of the golden calf and the sin of the spies.

This is the month that “the King is in the field” (2 Sam. 10:1). All can approach Him, and He shines His countenance upon everyone.

Elul is the month of Gad. This is a good, transitional month, being the last month of the old year, which precedes the “fall feasts.” The month of Gad also means “good fortune.” There should be an expectation of good fortune throughout the month. Rewards will begin to manifest according to what you have done.

The Jews have an interesting phrase to describe this month. They say, “Elul is the month when “the King is in the field.” As you begin to understand the meaning of this phrase, you will see how God wants to relate to you during these days.

Through most of the year, a king lived in a palace, protected by armed guards and iron gates. To have an audience with a king you had to make an appointment, learn palace protocol, and dress correctly. You were then ushered through layers of security into a magnificent palace. Entering into the throne room was intimidating. You had to be very careful what you said and did because the king was on his throne.

But one month each year the king left his palace and went out among his people. He set up his royal tent in a field near a town, and all who wanted to see him were welcomed. The announcement was made: “The king in in the field!” God is especially accessible to you during Elul. You don’t need to climb up to the heavens to get His attention or follow some religious protocol. This is a time when God comes into your field—where you live—to make Himself accessible and surprise you with His presence. He may manifest Himself to your workplace: your classroom, your office, or your shop. Clearly, He wants to meet with you in the everyday affairs of your life.

The Jews call this the “eye of the needle” month. Give God “the eye of the needle” in your life. Make a place for Him, even if it is only a very small place, that is wholly and completely His. Then He can pour out to you His love and faithfulness.

The month of Elul is associated with the Hebrew letter YUD, which means that “God has appointed mercy from His hand.” You don’t need to try to think it through; just grab from His hand the mercy God has appointed for you.